PPP Independence uses various creative strategies to purchase and manage affordable housing that fits the needs of special populations. We bought our first property in 2000, and have since purchased and rehabbed over 100 properties as manager of four separate partnerships. During the subprime crisis, PPP assisted several tenants to become homeowners by using the real estate purchase tax credit under ARRA. In 2015, PPP partnered with Francisco Homes to purchase and renovate properties to provide housing for formerly incarcerated individuals (ex-lifers) with the goal of having a stable investment that would also help foster restorative justice. PPP now has two homes rented directly to Francisco Homes, and five step-up homes in which rooms are rented directly to Francisco clients who would otherwise not be able to hold their own leases due to credit and employment history. Our founder David Bensoussan is now a member of the board of directors and regularly employs Francisco residents to help rehab houses. PPP now rents out over 25 properties to more than 15 nonprofit organizations that now house over 200 people in various stages of transition from homelessness. David, Stephen, and Marisol provide managerial, operational, and back office support for our burgeoning endeavor. We all share the belief that purpose driven investing with our devoted nonprofit partners is incredibly fulfilling and more viable long term than any other approach.

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